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Lynne Ramsay talks about adapting We Need to Talk About Kevin

Lynne Ramsay and Tilda Swinton
You simply have to read the interview in Word and Film with We Need To Talk About Kevin director and co-screenwriter, Lynne Ramsay. She's a fiery Scotts woman who was fired from The Lovely Bones. If you saw the movie, you know how that turned out.
(Peter Jackson ultimately directed. Ryan Gosling was signed to play the father until he showed up on set on day one, about 30 pounds overweight. Not what Jackson wanted at all so Gosling was sacked and Mark Wahlberg hired for the part.)

Adapting books is total bullshit, man,” is how writer and director Lynne Ramsay attacks the problem of fashioning a cogent and compelling film from Lionel Shriver’s fairly unadaptable, prize-wining 2003 novel We Need to Talk About Kevin. The book chronicles a Columbine-type high school massacre through a series of letters written by the shooter’s mom, exquisitely wrought in Ramsay’s film by Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton"
Read the rest of the story at Lynne Ramsay in Word and Film.  It's so refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is!  This book by Lionel Shriver was brilliant and disturbing and I just have to see the film!

Watch the trailer!  It's the U.K. version, by the way.