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Movies based on books: My take

If you've visited my blog before, you know I'm interested in everything related to books that have been - or are being - made into movies. The casting of the stars, the screenwriters, the directors, the composers, the novels and the novelists. The whole shebang.
I also blog about what I think about those films. Up to now I guess I haven't been very organized about it; I see a movie, write out what I think and post it. Often I call my blurb My Take on ... because I get a little squeamish about calling what I write a "review". That's sounds so official, so professional. It's just my opinion, which honestly, is no better or worse than yours. Be that as it may, if you are curious as to what I think about a particular movie, I've gathered them on one page which I'll add to as I go along.
I'm calling it My Take: Movie Reviews.    Pretty creative, eh? Anyway, if you are interested you can visit the My Take: Movie Reviews over in the sidebar on the left. You'll see a list of clickable links.
Thanks for checking it out and thanks for reading my blog!