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Golden Globes are on this Sunday.

I am getting excited about the Golden Globes. I can't help it! Since my husband is an AD and my son wants to be a director and I love the whole, films based on movies notion, we are pretty much a cinema-centric family.
Anyway, the show is set for this Sunday. It airs on NBC at 8pm eastern standard time with the controversial comic Ricky Gervais hosting. I do think he was a bit rude last year but I've read he feels the actors, directors, producers etc are among the wealthiest, most priviledged body of people in the world and ought to be able to take it. I suppose he has a point!

What I think is nifty is that out of the 7 nominees for Best Picture (Drama), 5 of them are adaptations!

 Best Motion Picture - Drama
"The Descendants"
"The Help"
"The Ides of March"
"War Horse"

If I were a betting woman, I would put my money on Hugo because it was such an amazing film on so many different levels - the 3D technology was unlike anything I've seen heretofore - it completely encompassed you, making you feel you were part of the film but without being gimmicky.
The story was touching and human, the boy trying to discover if his deceased father has left him a message learns a thing or two about love and friendship.The hasbeen and disappointed artist learns to appreciate his contribution to the arts - and is warmly embraced by his family and the film going public.It was so clearly Martin Scorsese's love song to the early days of film - astonishingly beautiful without being preachy. On the other hand, Scoresese was awarded the Globes' Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievment award so maybe not.!

Why aren't The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy even in the running? And will they get any noms when the Academy Awards nominations are announced - their votes nominations have to be in by this Friday at 5pm so the Golden Globes won't have an impact. Still can't wait to see how things line up.

I read this is a longer piece by Raju Mudhar in the Toronto Star.
Five things you might not know about the Golden Globes
1. The award statue was designed in 1946, depicting a Globe with a strip of film around it. The film is known to be flimsy, and many have broken it before leaving the podium, including Laurence Olivier.
2. The Globes have come under scrutiny for some dubious awards over the years and accusations of payola through lavish trips for the membership. The one that kicked it off was Pia Zadora winning New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture in 1982 for Butterfly, a film that hadn’t even opened at the time of the awards. The rumour was that a lavish junket to L.A. helped get her the win.
3. The Globes were handed out by journalists until 1958, when a bunch of Rat Packers, including Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., ran up on stage and started telling jokes. They were asked to officially do it the next year, and since then celebrities have handed out the awards.
4. Most individual nominations: Meryl Streep 25; Jack Lemmon 22.
5. The Golden Globe Awards ceremony has been held at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hilton since 1961.