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We were supposed to see the just released movie starring Katherine Heigl yesterday but once again my work interfered! Ah, the nerve.
Anyway, hoping to get to the theatre over the weekend.
I'm looking forward to seeing it because I dont expect it to be anything but good, fun entertainment. I don't expect to go home and think or feel about it. I don't expect it to have any impact on my life except for a couple of hours of sheer escapist entertainment.
And that's fine with me.
I have seen so many amazing movies this year, movies that touched my heart, films that nudged my brain.  Sometimes a movie that asks you to do nothing more than sit in the theatre, sit back and have a good time is exactly what I need. I think the biggest question this movie will ask me is whether Katherine Heigl is right for the role of Stephanie Plum and whether Jason O Mara is cute and sexy enough to be Morelli.
What's your favorite escapist entertainment movie?