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Check out the first Behind the Scenes look at Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Ben Walker as young Abe, pre-beard!
Yes, he's slashing a vampire!
The excitement surrounding the fun Lincoln movie, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is building! Jim Lemley, one of the film's producers (who my husband has worked for, time and again), just emailed him the following link which takes you to a first look video behind the scenes of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
Click on the set of Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter to see the footage plus you can read the MTV article, including an interview that Josh Horowitz did with Ben Walker.
Here's a snippet of what Walker told Horowitz:
"First off, I had to lose about 30 pounds. I put on a lot of weight [playing the part of] Andrew Jackson, and Lincoln, particularly later in his life, was a very slight man. I learned ax fighting, which was a whole new martial art that they created for the film. Then I started brushing up on my Abe Lincoln history . . . The stunt guys and the fight choreographer, Mic Rodgers, who is a stunt legend, and a gentleman named Don Lee — all of these guys are martial artists and stuntmen. They created a form of fighting that would be unique to Lincoln at that time, that’s never been in a movie before. As I’m learning it, they’re creating it. It was really fascinating.”

In the video, Jim is the cute producer (shown here on the right) with the silvery hair and the top hat talking to Horowitz. There's also star, Benjamin Walker who plays an action oriented and heroic Abe Lincoln, director Timur Bekmambetov and Anthony Mackie, who plays Will, one of Lincoln's childhood friends.

Jim also chatted with WheelerWinston Dixon, an internationally respected film scholar and professor of film studies at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who had this to say ...

Director, Timur Bekmabetov giving direction on the set
"I’ve posted before on the new film Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, but here’s an update. After my first post, I received phone call from the film’s producer, Jim Lemley, and we talked about the film, which had just finished shooting and is now in post-production. He’d screened the first rough cut for 20th Century Fox, who are releasing the film, to an extremely positive reaction; then the company went back on location to Louisiana to shoot ten more days of vampire action footage, featuring the film’s star, Benjamin Walker as Abe Lincoln, doing some nifty hand-to-hand combat."
I'm excited to see this one, for a few reasons
1) Seth Grahame-Smith, the book's writer, scripted the screenplay himself. That's got to help, right?
2) The newly created axe fighting sounds incredible! Gotta check it out.
3) The story is so wacky yet historically based, how can you not be intrigued?
4) I like to support the films my husband has worked on. With one exception which was just so bizarre, I've seen everything he's lent his sweat to!
I posted previously about Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, showing you the posters. Check the link to see them again. Very cool!