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Certain Prey Airs again on Sunday, January 8

                                                                                                                                                                                        I know quite a few of you have been waiting. Well you can ring the New Year in with Mark Harmon when Certain Prey airs again on the USA network, next Sunday, January 8th at 2 am in the morning!
Read what the USA network has to say about the story plus you can download music from the movie! Click on Chris Gerolmo's link. He not only wrote and directed the movie, he's a singer songwriter and put a couple of his own tunes in it too. Remember that sexy dance number between Davenport and Clara Rinker in her bar? Look for his link - highlighted in yellow - to check it out.

JOHN SANDFORD'S CERTAIN PREY centers on Lucas Davenport (Mark Harmon), the Deputy Chief of Police for the city of Minneapolis.

Davenport doesn't need his job; he could have retired long ago with the money he made designing computer simulations. But Davenport loves what he does just as much as he loves nice suits, fast cars and women. When a cop is shot after witnessing the murder of the wife of a local real estate lawyer, Davenport is called to the scene. The cops quickly zero in on the husband as the prime suspect until a team of FBI agents descends on Minneapolis with evidence linking the crime to elusive hit woman Clara Rinker (Tatiana Maslany). Taking charge of the investigation, Davenport suspects that Clara is not working alone and sets his sights on Carmel Loan (Lola Glaudini), a high-powered attorney with an intense obsession for the real estate lawyer. As Carmel and Clara try to cover up their crimes, the body count grows and Davenport does what he does best -- break all of the rules to nab this deadly duo.

The movie was written and directed by Chris Gerolmo (“Citizen X,” “Mississippi Burning”, for more about Chris Gerolmo click here). Harmon serves as executive producer along with Michael Jaffe and Howard Braunstein of Jaffe-Braunstein Films, LTD (“The Informant,” “The Client List“).