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A Carrie remake is coming from the director of Boys Don't Cry.

Hmmm. I wonder what Sissy Spacek's going to say? MGM/Screen Gems is planning a remake of Carrie! The 1976 horror classic based on Stephen King's very first book (published, anyway) and directed by Brian De Palma earned her an Oscar nomination for the role. I'm going to have to rewatch the film to see if that is as crazy as it sounds now! There's a rumor that Megan Fox may play thelead role which sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen. Say it ain't so! While I can't imagine anyone clamoring for a remake - the film world is pretty much in agreement that De Palma's classic is just that - the screenwriter,  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa plans to be more faithful to King's original source material rather than DePalma's movie which is good news at least! He's got some decent credits including Glee, proving he knows how to write teen dialogue but will Carrie have to break into song? But it's NOT a musical. He also penned Big Love and did some work on the B'way musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.
Hmmm, maybe it is a musical!
What has got folks talking is that it looks like Kimberly Peirce will direct. Peirce is the woman behind Boys Don't Cry, the 1999 film that earned Hillary Swank her first Oscar. In the dozen years since she's shot just one episode of the L-word and in 2008, Stop-Loss. Heard of it? Me neither. Hmmm.

Screen Rant reports that according to Deadline "King’s original Carrie literature is largely structured as an epistolary novel that tells the eponymous character’s story via historical documents (ex. letters, newspaper articles, etc). It will be interesting to see if Sacasa decides to embrace that format and perhaps script the new film adaptation as part faux documentary, along the lines of a title like District 9 - or, possibly, fellow upcoming coming-of-age novel-based project, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Even if Sacasa does go for a more traditional narrative structure with Carrie, he seems to have both the experience and proven ability to deliver a solid high school-set horror/drama. Similarly, if Peirce does sign on to direct, then you can rest assured: the movie will definitely be more of a truly down-to-earth and painful-to-watch (probably even brutal, at times) flick about a troubled young woman."
Hmmm (last one, I promise) maybe this is a remake to look forward to. Although one would think that with all the amazing books out there, let alone original scripts, that the Hollywood powers that be would stop looking back and start looking forward!
I'm posting what You-tube labels an "official" trailer for the 1976 classic BUT it is so hokey - note where they say "the girl who lives in that creepy house" I can't quite believe it's authentic!

Whaddya say, horror fans? Should they leave poor Carrie alone or drag her back out and get her ready for the prom? Remake yes or no?