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Which book will be the Golden Globes Best Picture?

UPDATED 11/10/2017

Our favorite books turned into movies are nominated for Golden Globes for Best Picture in the Drama category! 

The Help, The Descendants, Hugo, Moneyball and Warhorse (the only one I haven't seen) for well deserved BEST PICTURE noms. Also in the Best Picture running, Ides of March, Clooney's terrific film based on a stage play. Sad to see that both We Bought a Zoo and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close were shut out. I haven't seen Extremely etc yet but the book was AMAZING so, Golden Globe nomination or not, I still can't wait (even though I will say for the 100th time, Tom Hanks, I love you but you are tooo old for this part!).  Also shut out Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Great performances by all but perhaps a bit too complex a plot - and not a lot of action - in this dialogue heavy film.

Of the contenders, I think it will be either The Descendants or HUGO3D. If its The Descendants (or Ides of March for that matter) then it's because of the extremely popular George Clooney who wins either way as I see it! Either for carrying The Descendants or "helming" Ides of March!     
UPDATE: The Descendants won both Best Picture and Best Actor for George Clooney!  
I don't think Ides will win Best Picture though, unless the Globes award really is just a popularity contest. I think HUGO may win it because truly that was a magical film which used 3D technology to such advantage that, if Scorsese has his way, could change the way we look at movies forever. Plus my film fanatic 19 year old son said it's his favorite film of the year so there's that...                                                                         
On the other hand, I also hear the Globes loves Brad Pitt and no denying he turned in a wonderfully human and real performance in Moneyball. I would be surprised if The Help wins although its popularity with book clubs could get it a Peoples Choice award.

Odds are we are looking at a screenplay adaptation to win Best Picture. Hallelujah! Update: In fact The Descendents went on to win the Oscar for Best Screenplay adapatation!