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New Movie Posters for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I think I've told you that my husband worked on Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter, yes? That's the Tim Burton produced, Timor Bekmambetov-    directed film based on Seth Grahame Greene's novel. 

I thought the film was coming out in January but they did some reshoots last month and now it's slated for June 22. Benjamin Walker who stars as Lincoln, is joined by Anthony Mackie - he seems to be in everything lately, Dominic Cooper and Rufus Sewell.  They've just made the first couple of posters available.
The other Abe Lincoln movie - the one based on Team of Rivals and directed by Spielberg has been getting all the attention; these posters should help. Intriguing, yes? I think they definitely send the message that these will be 'darkish' and not steeped in realism. Just in case the title didn't clue you in!