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Moneyball earns Best Actor and Best Screenplay awards. Let the game begin!

The New York Film Critics  named Pitt Best Actor of the Year for his work in both Money Ball and Terence Mallick's Tree of Life. Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin's screenplay for Moneyball netted them the Best Screenplay award. As far as Oscar predictors go, this is a great sign!
According to the Herald Sun, The New York Film Critics Circle, a body of 33 New York-based critics founded in 1935, announced their annual vote on Twitter for the first time. The group describes its awards as "a principled alternative to the Oscars, honoring aesthetic merit in a forum that is immune to commercial and political pressures." The group last year chose the Facebook drama The Social Network as best picture. You'll recall it also won the Oscar. And yet another film based on a book, I might add!