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Les Miz: Tom Hooper nixes 3D & we talk casting

As much as I adored Hugo 3D, I still had a trace of lingering doubt so I am thrilled beyond words with the news that Tom Hooper has decided not to use 3D for his production of Les Miserables.
Although the director had seriously considered the notion of filming the new movie version of Les Miserables in 3D, which is said to be a hybrid of the book and the stage show,  he told the BBC he had been “very tempted” to use 3D but worried that some audiences might “physically struggle” with the format.
Ah, merci Monsiour Hooper. “I can definitely announce it’s good old-fashioned 2D,” Hooper said at the British Independent Film Awards. “I wanted to make a film that would touch everyone. I believe the story is so strong, 3D is not essential.”

Hooper went on to say he'll announce the casting Eponine and Cosette soon. Apparently he's had a tough choice with a plethora of stars pleading to join the cast! “I’ve never done a film where big star actors are as obsessed with being in it as this.”

The film which begins shooting in March stars Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe as Javert, has a targeted release date of December 2012. Merry Christmas to us!  Anne Hathaway is onboard as Fantine, Eddie Redmayne (My Week with Marilyn) is Marius. Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter are also rumored to be attached to Les Miserables but it's not clear what roles they'll play.

I would rather enjoy seeing Geoffrey Rush singing "Master of the House", wouldn't you? (Update: Sascha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter went on to play the Thenardiers)

Speaking of 3D, you can see what I thought of HUGO here.  The post includes several links to pieces about the making of the film.