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War Horse: Kids Books don't always equal kids movies

I still haven't had the chance to see War Horse yet. Based on the book by Michael Morpugo, at this point one thing is clear. Even though this film is based on a kids book this is NOT a kids movie! Perhaps that should have been clear from the get go. The setting is World War I after all.

Here's a snippet from the Screen Rant review:

"That said, the marketing for the film (coupled with the children’s book source material) might lead some moviegoers to think that War Horse is a mostly lighthearted and inspiring adventure suitable for older children – which, for anyone familiar with the stage adaptation that inspired Spielberg’s movie, would be a mistake. There is a huge difference between having scenes of animals and people in peril in a children’s book (or portrayed by puppets in a stage play) – and having live human and animal actors in the same situations in a very realistic-looking film. For casual audiences, War Horse may actually be one of the heavier and more challenging films of the year – as the World War seemingly destroys everything in its wake (soldiers, innocents, and animals alike). The heavy tone and heart-wrenching moments don’t detract from the overall success of the film, but for sensitive viewers, it’s important to note that the War Horse marketing definitely makes the movie look significantly lighter than what actually plays out onscreen." To read the entire piece, click HERE