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Jo Nesbo's Headhunters book gets a screenwriter

I have got to start reading Jo Nesbo! He is hot hot hot! I already posted that Summit Entertainment and Yellowbird were making an English language movie based on his Headhunters novel. Now we know that they've hired  Sacha Gervasi to pen the script.  The writer/director is also attached to direct Alfred Hitchcock & The Making Of Psycho for Fox Searchlight and wrote The Terminal, Henry’s Crime and directed Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Busy guy!

Sacha Gervasi

Sounds like Gervasi could be in the running to direct Headhunters too. As far as Yellow Bird goes, the company produced the Swedish adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy and is one of the producers of the David Fincher-directed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 

"Similarly" Nikki Finke says "Headhunters was first made into a Norwegian film by director Morten Tyldum, with Yellow Bird among the producers."

Martin Scorsese may direct another Jo Nesbo bestseller, The Snowman. UPDATE: Alfred Tomlinson went on to direct the 2017 release which starred Michael Fassbender as Harry Hole. It was a critical failure.

Like I said, I better start reading Jo Nesbo. The writer is on a hot hot hot streak! Check out the trailer for Hodejegerne - that's Headhunters in Swedish. Thoughts?

source: Deadline.com