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Great Expectations: A new picture of Helena Bonham Carter from the set

Okay so it's not Ralph Fiennes but for now this picture of David Williams who plays Mr. Pumblechook in Mike Newell's Great Expectations will have to do! It's the most recent of a handful of pictures released ; we saw Jeremy Irvine's Pip and Helena Bonham Carter's Miss Havisham earlier. Still no word on a release date, they are in full production mode right now. The film also stars Robbie Coltrane, Holliday Grainger, Sally Hawkins, Ewen Bremmer and of course Ralph Fiennes as the convict Magwitch.

Empire, who has the exclusive, reminds us
"As you'll probably all remember from Mr Ramsay's third year English literature class, Mr Pumblechook is uncle to young Pip's brother-in-law and guardian Joe Gargery (Jason Flemyng). Pumblechook is instrumental in connecting young Pip with the rich, eccentric Miss Havisham, but he's also a supercilious and rather arrogant man who Pip dislikes considerably."
I will definitely have to review my third year literature class notes before I see the movie. It's been overlong, I fear!

Jeremy Irvine is Pip BUT you can see him this month in Steven Speilberg's War Horsewhich has Oscar buzz building around it!