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George, Gosling and the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes prove it! It's George Clooney's year... unless it's Ryan Gosling's!!!  George Clooney earned a Best Performance in a Drama nomination for his role as Matt King in The Descendants which he was wonderful in. A mature man suffering bouts of anger, guilt, jealousy, frustration - all as he navigated his way through the death of his unfaithful wife and reconnected with his two daughters. He also got noms for Best Picture for Ides of March!
My favorite male actor, the divine Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Performance/Drama for Clooney's Ides of March as well as Best Performance/Comedy or Musical for Crazy, Stupid Love! And I really did love that movie. Not surprising I guess, considering its violent nature, that Drive didn't get him the same nod.
Of course, Brad Pitt could take the cake with his performance in Money Ball, another layered mature performance for sure.
Congrats as well to the always brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio for J. Edgar, and Michael Fassbender for Shame.