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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: the new trailer

Have you seen the latest Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close trailer? The novel was probably one of the most compelling and emotionally-devastating books I've ever read. Jonathan Safran Foer  had such a fresh voice and unique style, it was never cloying. Hoping the film will be able to handle this material without resorting to saccharine sentiment and melodrama.
If you've read any of my previous posts, you already know I am adamantly opposed to the casting of Tom Hanks as Oscar's father. He's too old, too warm and fuzzy. While the character loves his son, I think he's more urban, a younger, cooler guy.
Now I'm a bit concerned about Thomas Horn as Oscar. His diction is so precise, almost pedantically so. Every word, every syllable perfectly pronounced. While Oscar is clearly a brainiac, a creative, inventive genius with a sensitive soul, he's still a kid. Producer Scott Rudin discovered him when he was Jeopardy Teen Champ. Thomas Horn is that kind of kid. Oscar Schell would never go on teen jeopardy. He's too busy living his life to have the slightest interest in proving his genius.

Here's latest trailer. Are you going to see the movie?