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Being Flynn: Read the Memoir. See the movie starring Paul Dano & Robert DeNiro. #book2movie

UPDATE: February 28, 2012
The movie Being Flynn comes out in just four theatres this Friday! Two here in L.A., the Arc Light on Sunset (the former Cinerama Dome) and the Landmark on Pico plus two in New York, AMC's Lincoln Square 12 and the Landmark Sunshine Cinema 5 on Houston.
I seriously hope it gets out to a wider swathe of the country! The film is based on Flynn's memoir Another Bullshit Night In Suck City but the book is now being re-released as Being Flynn.  Visit the Focus Films site to get on their list; hopefully, you'll get notified when the movie will be playing in your town or a town near you!

Being Flynn film stars Paul Dano - who was spectacular in Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood  - as a young writer seeking to define himself. He misses his late mother (Julianne Moore) and eventually comes face-to-face with his long-estranged father (Robert De Niro), a self-proclaimed master storyteller who is facing eviction from his apartment. The San Francisco Chronicle called the book a "stunningly beautiful memoir"; Paul Weitz wrote and directed the film.  You might want to check out Nick Flynn's very informative AND groovy website here.  Tons of interviews, and pictures and a pretty cool layout.