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Bag of Bones: Pierce Brosnan on A&E (My take)

We watched Part 1 of A&E's adaptation of Stephen King's book, Bag of Bones last night. 

Brosnan plays a successful novelist whose wife dies in a bus accident. He is so enveloped in grief he has a bad case of writer's block and decides to go to his family's lake house in order to meet a looming deadline. He encounters a little girl walking down the middle of the road in a red bathing suit which is a freaky signal from King so we aren't surprised when he is warned to stay away from her pretty mother, Maggie Devore.
That's when the fun begins with a steady stream of dreams, hallucinations and hauntings. Magnetic letters on the fridge form words, telephones ring once for yes, two for no, with messages from his dead wife.
For a moment, with my heart pounding, I debated the wisdom of watching a movie that would keep me up with nightmares, but then I got a grip!  I held onto Mark's arm more tightly and prepared myself to watch a "scary movie".  Let's face it, when you know you are watching a scary movie, when the music score signals so clearly - something scary is about to happen, get ready; it makes it much easier. The scene where he awakens in the night and hears a soft steady snoring sound coming from underneath the bed was terrifying. Terrifying in a fun way.
I confess to being slightly irritated by Brosnan's breathing - I don't know why we have to hear every exhale - but overall his performance, as well as his supporting casts is topnotch.
We can't wait to watch the second part tonight! Just look at the horror on Pierce Brosnan's face! Such good fun.