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All You Need is Love: Written for Pierce Brosnan

Okay, now I'm happy.  Forgive the straying from movies based on books theme of my blog but I'm excited. Pierce -one of the best Bonds - Brosnan's next film looks like a mature romantic comedy that he will absolutely shine in. The only bummer is that it doesn't look like anyone has picked up the US rights yet! It debuts next spring in several European markets.
Here's the lowdown from Alexandra Kida at Trust Nordisk. The best part is that Susanne Biers it was 
written with Brosnan in mind. I can't wait!

Following the Oscar-winning drama In a Better World, director Susanne Bier is set to shoot ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (working title), a romantic comedy starring Pierce Brosnan, in a role written specifically with him in mind. Brosnan’s performance is just the latest example of a long line appearances by international stars in Danish feature productions. Extraordinarily, though, we are not only seeing an international star in a Danish production but in an actual Danish language production, in which Pierce Brosnan will be speaking English, with the rest of the cast speaking Danish.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is produced by Zentropa Entertaintments14 and will be shot on location in South Italy and Copenhagen.
UPDATE: The movie was released as Love is All You Need.

Romantic wedding in Italy
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is a romantic comedy, set in Sorrento, Italy. It’s a story about a group of people all seeking love, about passion and happiness, about jealousy and loneliness. First and foremost, it’s a story about having the courage to change your life – even when you think it’s too late.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE invites audiences to the picturesque Sorrento to attend a wedding along with two Danish families. On Patrick, the grooms’, side we encounter the groom’s English father Phillip. Philip is a successful businessman and a widower. On Astrid, the bride’s, side we have the bride’s mother, Ida. She is a charming, talkative hairdresser who recently won a battle with breast cancer - but lost her hair in the process. Adding insult to injury, Ida’s husband, the boastful windbag Leif, just left her for the much younger, and in all aspects blonde, Thilde. The fates of Ida and Phillip are about to intertwine, as they embark for Italy to attend their children’s wedding. Initially, Phillip and Ida far from get along, as they struggle to enjoy the happy occasion and the beautiful Sorrento coast.  Upon arrival Ida is furthermore surprised to see that Leif has brought Thilde along - but not quite as shocked as the bride who didn’t know her parents had split. Phillip, meanwhile, soon finds himself as the object of his overbearing sister-in-law, Benedikte’s raging hormones. The 40sth doesn’t miss a beat throwing herself at him. Yet somehow, throughout these trials, the hostility between Phillip and Ida slowly transforms into heartfelt and comforting emotional bond. Meanwhile, Patrick and Astrid seem like the perfect couple preparing their dream wedding.  But as the love story between the young couple takes an unexpected turn, a new and beautiful story between Phillip and Ida begins.

Star cast
Zentropa Productions has secured a true all star cast. Pierce Brosnan is the businessman Phillip and Trine Dyrholm plays the female lead Ida. Kim Bodnia plays Leif while Christiane Schaumburg-Müller is the blonde girlfriend Thilde. Paprika Steen is on board as the neurotic sister-in-law with a fancy for Brosnan’s Phillip. Micky Skeel Hansen will play Astrid’s brother Kenneth, and as the young bridal couple we will see Sebastian Jessen and Molly Egelind. Back in outskirts of Copenhagen, Bodil Jørgensen will be portraying Ida’s hairdressing boss, the motor mouth Lizzie. Ciro Petrone plays the wedding coordinator Alessandro, who has his work cut out for him. Petrone is known for his award winning performance in Gomorra.

The team that created In a Better World
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is created by the team behind In a Better World and a long line of previous Susanne Bier productions. The script is written by Oscar-winner Anders Thomas Jensen based on a story by himself and Susanne Bier. The film will be shot by Morten Søborg, edited by Pernille Bech Christensen and produced by Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Vibeke Windeløv.