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Water for Elephants is Out on DVD. Do Yourself a Favor and Read the Book Instead

Well at least read the book first for heaven's sake. Best thing about the book? Robert Pattison isn't in it!  Seriously the film adaptation of this lush and beautiful book from Sara Gruen was so disappointing on so many levels but first and foremost for me was probably my unreasonable and perverse dislike of Rob Pattinson as Jacob. I know. I know. Millions of Twi-hards love him to pieces and think he's dreamy. I don't. I hate him to pieces and think he's creepy.
But, to mollify any Twilight fan readers who may be ready to abandon this blog in droves, here's a snippet I found about how much the cast and crew LOVED him too. (yeck!)
"Director Francis Lawrence admitted that finding an actor in his early 20s to play Jacob was a tough one.
"It was really tricky because a lot of the guys that are that age still really felt like boys to me," Francis explained. "When I met Rob I really had only known him from 'Twilight,' and I didn't know what to expect."

"With Jacob, I thought I could really add something to the part," Rob said about what initially interested him in the role. "And then I read the script and it seemed like they'd added more to it, definitely in his relationship with Marlena, and it made me more intrigued."
"WFE" producer Andrew Tennenbaum added that Rob had a mature insight into the character, while co-star Reese Witherspoon complimented his sensitivity and nuanced performance.

"He has a lot of conflict in the movie, and Rob was great at having that very thoughtful way about conveying that about the character," she said."
Here's the trailer for the film but please, please, please read this book first! If you have read the book, do you plan to rent the film? Do you think Pattinson pulls it off? Is he dreamy? I think Christoph Waltz is brilliant as always; so chilling in this role? Do you? I'd love your feedback!