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Scarlett Johansson is Making a "Summer Crossing"

Scarlett Johansson
Update 5/16/2012: I TOLDJA about Scarlett Johansson adapting Summer Crossing over a year ago, back on 11/12/2011!  Johansson's finally getting some financing and announced at Cannes that they'll start shooting next year.  She talked to EW about the project Several years ago I began working alongside the Capote estate and writer Tristine Skylar to adapt Summer Crossing, an inspired early work of Truman’s which has long captured my heart,” Johansson said. “Being able to bring this story to the screen as my full-length directorial debut is a life dream and deep privilege.”  

Here's my original post from 2011.  

Another actor takes the plunge!  Scarlett Johansson's rep confirms a Variety report that Johansson is set to make her directorial debut.  The project is an adaptation of Truman Capote's novella, Summer Crossing. Choosing a shorter work - it's a 142 page book - is a smart move right off the bat! And the material would seem to be in her wheelhouse. It's the story of a rebellious 17 year old debutante, Grady, who refuses to accompany her WASPish parents to Europe. Instead she stays in Manhattan for the summer and begins a relationship with a Jewish parking lot attendant. Capote started writing the story when he was just 19 years old; but it wasn't published until after his death in 2005. And while critics don't consider it to be of the calliber of a Breakfast at Tiffany's, that's not say it won't make a great little film. Presuming of course, that Ms. Scarlett is up to the task. She's certainly a terrific actress and has rubbed shoulders and hopefully learned from some very respected pros, like Woody Allen (Match Point) and Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation). Writer and actress Tristine Skyler will write the screenplay and Johansson's role will be behind the camera only.  I expect the two women are friends and colleagues and excited about bringing what sounds like a compelling story to the screen. What do you think? Is Scarlett Johansson ready?
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