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Over 5 Million People Watched Certain Prey!

Daily Variety reports that over 5.1 million people watched Certain Prey on USA this past Sunday. It came in third on cable for the night - after football and The Walking Dead.
 No wonder so many fans are checking in here, wanting to know when the film will air again. It bears repeating for those of us who missed it and those who want to watch it again. Certain Prey will air again  this month on November 19th at 11pm. Then again on December 3 at 1pm and December 4 at 10am. * New dates added: For you early risers, December 5th at 8am. And for the night owls, December 21st at 12am.

On the USA Network Fan Forum there were a few negative comments. Most of them seemed to be about garbled reception but there were some haters out there too. Do you have a different opinion? Would love to hear your take!

From a couple of the haters - I wish there were some equally passionate Certain Prey lovers out there!

This was horrible, it reminded me of a cheesy low budget Steven Seagal or Wesley Snipes movie. I felt as if most of the actors were reading off Que cards without real emotion. Send them back to acting school and maybe it'll be worth watching. I give it a grade of D only because Harmon is good but compared to the rest of USA line up, this show is a flop.


I totally agree with you! This movie sucked! You would think that the powers to be that made this movie would have AT LEAST read the books they are trying to make a movie of. It is as if someone "Speed read" the book and got bits and pieces and threw the script together. First of all, WHY did they start towards the end of the series? WHY didn't they start with the first one? Many of the characters in the books (Lucas, Sloan, etc.) have had relationships with one another from the beginning. It was awkward to see Lucas interacting with the women on an intimate basis without knowing background history! It made him look like a male slut!

Also, you would think the powers that be would have cast this movie with actors as close to the description as possible. Now I know all of us JS fans have differing opinions on who should play what characters, but the casting in this movie was SO FAR OFF, it's as it they were making a movie with Hispanic characters dubbed with Japanese voices. The whole movie didn't make sense other than the good guys and bad guys. There was no familiarity with the characters. It is as if they were placed in their roles without much thought.

I'm all for making movie adaptations from books (since most of Hollywood's elite have NO idea of a good movie if it landed in their laps) but someone needs to actually READ the book from cover-to-cover and from series beginning to end and THEN try and cast the characters. It will be much more successful to their bottom line than what they are doing now.

I am a little disappointed in John Sandford as he handed over his novels without creative control on cast and script. While I know this cannot always be done, he is famous enough (ala Tom Clancy) that he has earned that right. I love his novels and even though they have been not as good as of late, he is a great writer and it's a shame to see his novels go the way of "B" movie status.

So if the powers that be are reading this forum. PLEASE start at the beginning of this series, READ the descriptions of the characters and their relationships and cast accordingly! What would be cool is to line up the characters for the next movie and place them online for a vote. Many John Sandford fans will be more than happy to help make this casting decision, which in turn will make a better product and have a more favorable outcome of the series.

Just my opinion!