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My Week With Marilyn: An Interview with Producer, Harvey Weinstein

I haven't been able to see My Week with Marilyn yet but I'm really looking forward to it! The film is based on two books from Colin Clark; My Week With Marilyn and The Prince, The Showgirl and Me and is about the making of The Prince and The Showgirl starring Sir Laurence Oliver and Monroe. From everything I've heard Michelle Williams does an amazing job in the film. I've posted a link to an interview that the folks at Rotten Tomatoes did with the producer, Harvey Weinstein. He was also the producer behind Blue Valentine that Williams starred in opposite Ryan Gosling.  Here's a small snippet but I found the whole thing completely enjoyable and surprising (I didn't realize it was a comedy per se!) and suggest you take a gander by clicking here.

Also, you can see the on line video from the New York Times that Weinstein references right here

So, I just saw My Week with Marilyn and I have to say, although a lot of people are rightly talking about Michelle's performance, the film as a whole is quite enjoyable.
You know, Mick LaSalle just printed a five-star review; Roger Ebert gave us three-and-a-half stars. We've been getting a lot of good reviews. Michelle is out of this world; she has to dominate the movie, it's the role of a lifetime. But on top of that the movie's really funny; we made a fairytale, an enchantment and an entertaining movie. This is not an "Oh my god"-tragedy story; this is laughs, this is musical, this is fun; it's satire, you know, with Ken Branagh's Laurence Olivier. You go and you get entertained watching this movie. And I've made many, many serious movies but this is a pure fairytale: a feel-good, great, fun movie. Even when Michelle talks about it. We took it to Detroit, where she's shooting Oz, and she came to the theater to see the movie for the first time and they were roaring -- I mean, laughing seriously. It's just a charming piece and I'm really proud of it.
It is, and everyone's quite good in it, really.
It is. And that's what I would tell some of these reviewers. Without being long-winded, I think we're like 85 per cent positive on your site, but the other 15, maybe they didn't read the press notes that the movie was intended to be a "moment in time" fairy tale. Some of these reviewers are so, you know... the ones who quite didn't get it didn't understand that we weren't making Joyce Carrol Oates' Blonde, we were making this "enchanting moment" film. [Laughs] Anyhow, once you understand that I think you go in and relax and just really enjoy the movie; you're not worried about it being a biopic because it's not a biopic.
It's a snapshot of Marilyn at a specific point.
Yeah, that's it. You got it.