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Michelle Williams talks about playing Marilyn Monroe, James Franco on being James Dean

Getting excited about My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams! The film is coming out Thanksgiving weekend. My husband worked on the movie H20 - and just reminded me that not only was Michelle in the movie, but that on his birthday, Michelle sat on his lap and sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President" ala Marilyn Monroe. Apparently Josh Hartnett did too! It looks like Ms. Williams has been prepping for this role, knowingly or not for an awfully long time!

And on that preparing for score, check out this fascinating seven minute video where Williams talks about preparing to play Marilyn, James Franco weighs in on James Dean, and Nicole Kidman talks about her work on The Hours as Virginia Woolf. Annette Bening and Colin Firth are at the roundtable too. The stuff us film freaks love!