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Limitless starring Bradley Cooper: Read it ... Watch it.

Limitless which did pretty well at the box office -- on a $27 million budget , the film earned a healthy $79 million  plus and additional $82.6 million overseas -- is now available on Netflix. Based on Alan Glynn's novel of the same name, the movie stars People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper and one of our greatest living actors, Robert Dinero and Johnny Whitworth (CSI Miami).
 Leslie Dixon, who wrote the screenplay, has a tremendous body of work including Hairspray, Outrageous Fortune, Mrs. Doubtfire, Look Whos Talking Now and Pay It Forward so the adaptation was  presumably in good hands!

Here's the basic storyline of the book:
A burnout at thirty-five, months behind on his book, low on cash, and something of a loser, Eddie Spinola (Eddie Mora in the film, played by Cooper) could use a shot in the arm. One day he randomly runs into Vernon, his ex-wife’s brother, and his ex-dealer. Now employed by a shadowy pharmaceutical company, Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) has something that might help: a new designer drug that stimulates brain function. One pill and Eddie is hooked. His book is finished within days; he learns and synthesizes information at a frightening rate; and he can go a long time without sleep or food. Naturally, he begins to play the stock market. But when Vernon turns up dead, Eddie makes off with the only stash of the drug in existence. Then come the side effects: black-outs, blinding headaches, and violent outbursts he can’t seem to remember.
Have you read the book and seen the movie? What did you think, did they get it right?