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La Douceur Assassine becomes a film: Mr Morgan's Last Love #book2movies

Mr. Morgan's Last Love, currently in production, is based on the French novel La Douceur Assassine by Francoise Dorner. I've seen the title translated as both The Gentle Assassin and A Moment of Sweetness. I'm hoping that since it's slated for the big screen, Doubleday or someone will get it translated into English! It sounds like my kind of wonderful.

Here's the book's storyline from the publisher:

Pauline, a Paris shop girl, meets Armand , a retired philosophy professor, on the local bus. Armand has been a widower for the past three years, and feels misunderstood in his grief by his children. Pauline goes from one boyfriend to another, always hurt and disappointed. Fifty years separate them, and yet they share in a similar sense of solitude. A relationship between the two develops that is neither sexual nor platonic, but somewhere in between. Ultimately, they each transform the other’s life for the better, as they revolt jubilantly together against a society that acknowledges neither the needs of the elderly, nor those of the young. But each, in the end, must ultimately pay a price for this renewal and their brief interlude with sweetness.

Filming just began in Paris this week. The always compelling Michael Caine plays the Armand character - they've turned his character into an Englishman, Matthew Morgan - and Pauline is played by French actress Clemence Poesy. Poesy has been made the jump from a career which she began at age 14, acting only in French films to a more international audience. In Bruge, 127 Days, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and even a recurring role on Gossip Girls are fattening out her resume. Sandra Nettlebeck scripted the adaptation and also directs.

Please, please will one of the publishing houses, please publish this book in English? I want to read it right now!  If any of my readers know if there are plans in the work to do so, please let me know. Merci!