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Jodi Picoult Excited Salem Falls is a Lifetime movie

The world premiere of Jodi Picoult's Salem Falls airs on LIFETIME a few days from now and according to Jodi's Facebook page, she's pretty excited about it! You might want to check in and leave her a message; all writers love hearing from their readers. Anyway, hopefully her excitement means the film is true to the book; it should be since she wrote the script too!

Here's how Lifetime describes the storyline:
Based on the best-selling Jodi Picoult book, former teacher Jack St. Bride moves to Salem Falls after a student's crush led to false accusations and a wrongful conviction for sexual assault. He finds a job and settles into a new routine, but everything turns when a trio of teenage girls with dark secrets (lead by manipulative Gillian Duncan) maliciously target Jack with accusations of assaulting Gillian in the woods. Now at the center of a modern day witch-hunt, Jack must once again proclaim his innocence to a town searching for answers and the woman who has come to love him.

The movie stars handsome television actor, James Van Der Beek (One Tree Hill, Dawsons Creek) as Jack St. Bride and Sarah Carter (Margaret in Falling Skies) as Addie Peabody. Amanda Michalka who was Jen in this years Super 8 from Stephen Spielberg and the older sister in The Lovely Bones, plays the manipulative Gillian. You can check out a promo, pictures and more over on My Lifetime's Salem Falls page.