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Innocent on TV Tonight; Richochet on Wednesday

 Updated 11/11/2017The TNT Mystery Movie Night features crime dramas based on popular mystery novel and TNT is banking on some well-respected actors to bring in viewers. First up is Scott Turow's  Innocent with Bill Pullman, Marcia Gay Harden and Alfred Molina on November 29. The film is a sequel to Turow’s bestseller Presumed Innocent, with Pullman playing Rusty Sabich, a judge charged with the murder of his wife (Harden) — a situation that comes 20 years after he was cleared in the death of his mistress. I'm a fan of Bill's, having worked with him on The Favor years ago. I was just the production coordinator but he was such a nice guy to everyone. I'll be watching this one! UPDATE: Innocent is available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu & Google Play

On November 30th, John Corbett (Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) stars in Ricochet based on the best selling book by Sandra Brown. Corbett appears as Det. Sgt. Duncan Hunter in story about two homicide detectives who find their careers — and lives — on the line when they get caught up in a case of murder and betrayal in high-society Savannah. Hunter, investigating a corrupt judge becomes romantically involved with his wife. John Corbett is another actor whose work I enjoy. I can't say he's ever  totally blown me away but I like  his low-key delivery. I'm curious to see what he brings to this role ... and the love scenes.