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Hugo: Why it isn't just for children

I've been intrigued by the beautiful visuals in the Hugo trailer and have indicated here, that I intend to see it, kids movie or not. Now, in his usual charming way Mike Ryan of MovieFone, pleads Hugo's case, film lovers of all ages will want to see this movie. So I can go without feeling like a wierdo. Read his 25 questions about Hugo to see why it isn't just for kids.

If that's not enough, check out this video featuring James Cameron and Martin Scorsese talking about the film. Cameron is incredibly complimentary about what Scorsese does with 3D imagery; coming from the creator of Avatar, that's high praise indeed. Such a thrill to see these two icons chatting about the craft!

If you'd like to read a little more about Robert Richardson, the world class cinematographer behind the amazing visuals, check out my post Robert Richardson shines a light on Hugo
John Logan penned the script, based on Brian Selznick's The Adventures of Hugo Cabret. Logan who was nominated for his screenplays for Gladiator and The Aviator, also wrote the scripts for Sweeney Todd, Rango and the upcoming Lincoln from Steven Spielberg and Skyfall, the latest James Bond flick.

Howard Shore did the score; I'll save that for another post.
You can also watch the full Hugo trailer below.

All in all, I feel pretty good about my decision to see the movie. What about you? Even if you don't have children, will you go see this film?