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George Clooney is King in The Descendants

Lest it's not clear, I'm psyched, jazzed, amped, pumped and quite simply really looking forward to seeing The Descendants. Directed by Alexander Payne (Sideways) the film opens this Friday, November 18th and stars George Clooney in, what quite a few people are calling, one of the finest performances of his career. Based on Kaui Hart Hemmings book of the same name, Clooney plays Matt King, the main heir to a massive amount of prime Hawaiian land that's been passed down from his royal Hawaiian ancestors. It's up to him how to dispose of the land, at the same time, his wife Elizabeth (Joanie in the novel) is in a coma following a boat racing accident. King has to deal with handling that as well as two daughters, Scottie (Amara Miller) a pre-teen, the other, Alex (Shailene Woodley) a rebellious teenager.

I adored the book! I'll try to post interviews and tidbits all week long.  For starters, thought you might enjoy this pop up trailer!