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Don't Forget to Watch ... Secrets of Eden, Certain Prey

Just wanted to remind you that Certain Prey is on again tonight at 11pm on the USA network. The small screen adaptation of John Sandford's best selling book stars Mark Harmon, Tatiana Maslany and Lola Glaudini.
I missed it when it ran the first time, and since my husband has read every book of the Prey series over and over again, I know we'll be watching it tonight! I'll be checking in Sunday to see how you liked it and to let you know what I thought too. Made for tv movies always make us a bit nervous, don't they? Without the big budget of films made for the larger screen, and typically a much shorter time frame with which to complete the work, just how good can they be?

And yet, Chris Bohjalian, the best selling writer of The Double Bind, Midwives, and Skeletons at the Feast is actually pleased that his novel, Secrets of Eden will be airing, not at movie houses, but on television screens all over the country.

Bohjalian believes the message of his book - and the film - will be seen by many more people because it is on the small screen. You might want to check out Chris Bohjalian's article over at Word and Film to see why.  The made for tv thriller which stars John Stamos as Reverand Steven Drew is set to air in January or February of 2012 on Lifetime.