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The Descendants Gem of the Day: A Video Q & A

Here's today's treat as I count down the days until The Descendants comes out Friday and I'll actually be able to see the film not just follow the flak. The movie has been playing to a lot of hoopla on the film festival circuit and the Oscar word has been floated. Things were especially exciting at the Toronto Film Festival because George Clooney was premiering his own directorial effort, The Ides of March at the same time.  And George has so much presence, charisma and whalloping star power, it's really hard to concentrate on anything else when he is around. So I've heard anyway. He certainly has it on celluloid. 
Clooney and Alexander Payne
When you watch this clip of director Alexander Payne, George Clooney and some of the cast at the film's q&a, notice how peeved Alexander Payne looks. Did he really think the audience would want to question him when King George is holding court? He's even angry when the interviewer asks him about the fact that his films feature flawed characters. Note too what a ham Clooney is - he pulled the same money stunt at the same fest with Ryan Gosling at the q&a  for Ides of March!