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Certain Prey Airs Again!

Updated 1/25/2012
Certain Prey fans will have to wait a couple of months for the next showing of the popular USA network movie. The next time you can see Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport is March 23, 2012 at 2am on the USA channel in your area.
Here's a link to show and cast info

Certain Prey aired again at 2am on January 8th. I see nothing on the schedule for the rest of January of February!
 Mark Harmon fans - me, me, me - can relax! If you missed Certain Prey starring Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport when it debuted on the USA network this past Sunday, never fear. Certain Prey will air again (I knew it would) this month on November 19th at 11pm. Then again on December 3 at 1pm and December 4 at 10am. And just added* For you early risers, December 5th at 8am. And for the night owls, December 21st at 12am I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief!
Lola Gaudini formerly of Criminal Minds, also stars as Carmel Loan, a high-powered attorney and Tatiana Maslany as hit woman Clara Rinker. 
The story in a nutshell: Davenport is called in to investigate the murder of the wife of a rich real estate lawyer. The police target the husband as the prime suspect until a team of FBI agents ("feebs" as Davenport calls them) descends on Minneapolis with evidence linking the crime to elusive hit woman Clara Rinker   Davenport suspects that Clara is working with a partner and sets his sights on Carmel Loan who seems to have an  obsession for the real estate lawyer. The beautiful killers kick up the action and the body count as Davenport works the crime in his usual unorthodox but inexorable way.
Did you watch Certain Prey when it aired last Sunday? I'm dying to know how it was. What do you think - was Mark Harmon good as Lucas Davenport? PLEASE let me know what you think!