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Bradley Cooper is the Sexiest Man Alive. The Devil You Say!

People magazine unveiled their annual Sexiest Man Alive pick yesterday and it went to Bradley Cooper, who plays Lucifer in the Lawrence Kasdan scripted Paradise Lost based on John Milton's epic poem. Apparently there's quite a bit of contention about the magazine's choice with angry Ryan Gosling fans taking to the internet in droves and asking for a recount! I'm with them BUT I think Cooper is perfect for the Lucifer part.  With his big smart ass grin, he can easily come off like a sleazy jerk so I think he'll be quite perfect for this particular role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rufus Sewell has just been brought on to play the arch angel, Samael. Casey Affleck is Gabriel, Camilla Belle is Eve, and Diego Boneta is Adam. Benjamin Walker plays the angel Michael. 

Walker is in another much anticipated film based on a book, coming out in 2012. Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter from Seth Grahame-Smith. He plays Lincoln in that one.
Thinking about Lawrence Kasdon doing the writing is an interesting exercise. We haven't seen much of Lawrence Kasdan since the 90's and I think it's fair to say his best work was done in the 80's (Body Heat, The Big Chill, and The Accidental Tourist) with Wyatt Earp and The Bodyguard being standouts from the early 90's. Back when Kevin Costner was still a big box office draw! (Funny to remember that Costner sort of got his start on The Big Chill - he was the dead guy in the movie, a part that, you may recall, got completely cut. No open casket, thanks very much. )
imdb.com lists several other names with the "screenplay by" tag so not sure at this point if Kasdan was the main writer or just brought in to polish - would a writer/director of his stature do that?  

By the way, Kasdan is in post right now on a film he wrote and also directed, Darling Companion which stars Kevin Kline, Diane Keaton and Dianne Wiest. Now that sounds like a movie I would like to see!