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Will George Romero ever really make The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse?

Taking a gander at interviews here and there, it kind of feels like while George Romero optioned The Zombie Autopsies, he may just not be that into it. He reportedly passed on directing some episodes of The Walking Dead because they weren't really his kind of zombies. And if that's the case, not at all sure how he really feels about the brand of zombie experience that his friend, Harvard professor and psychiatrist, Steven Schlozman has dreamed up. In the meantime, since Romero has optioned the work, it's basically off the market.
Here's what he said about the title on cinemablend.com
"This is Steve's [Steve Schlozman, the author] story, not mine. It's more like The Andromeda Strain. It's very tense and very medically correct. This guy's a doctor, it's all about being medically correct. I think about it like the first Hammer Frankenstein film, which was all about very graphic scenes of brains floating in blood and things like that. I want it to be perfectly accurate, almost shockingly so."

And here's what Steven Schlozman had to say about his book in a pre-release video. What do you think? Will the Night of the Living Dead icon tackle the medically correct world of zombies?

UPDATE: 11/5/2017
George Romero died at age 77 in July of 2017, answering the question. Romero had completed a screenplay which met with the author's approval. Maybe it' still coming sometime in the future.