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WHOOOO Wants to See The Big Year?

OUCH! Theatre goers are NOT flocking to see The Big Year. Box Office Mojo reports the film did $1.1 million on its opening night, the word is they will be lucky to do $4million for the weekend. And that's with three big funny guys attached to it. BUT  that makes sense. WHOOO does birdwatching appeal to anyway? Our stereotypical image of a birder - stuffy, dull, deadly boring and a little cuckoo when it comes to their feathered friends - doesn't encourage us to go see a movie about these odd ducks. (Yes, I'm laying it on). BUT according to Leonard Maltin's review on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie isn't really just about birding and these three men chasing all over the country to win the big year. It's about finding contentment.I think so long as the filmmakers are content with a modest box office, the film may find its fans, adults ready for some sweet and simple fare. Still, with Martin, Wilson and Black starring it's understandable that audiences would expect and desire something more and thus, yep, I'm going there - cry fowl! At this point haven't read the book (I started and can't be bothered to finish) and I probably won't see the movie. If you've seen it and find its charms compelling, give a holler. I'd love to know what you think.