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The Descendants — Trailer #2: Listen to the Hawaiian music

I shouldn't be posting on The Descendants again so soon but I couldn't stop myself. I just had  to share the new TV spot. I am getting more excited by the day to see this film! I have to tell you in the book Matt King, played by George Clooney, never goes running maniacally, down the road, his flip flops flapping, to confront his firends about his wife's affair. But then again, the filmmakers have already changed said wife's hair color to blonde from brunette and her name to Elizabeth from Joanie (still a mystery to me ) Joanie/Elizabeth is played by Patricia Hastie,  She  hasn't done a lot but she certainly is stunning. 

I also love the Hawaiian music used in the trailer!  According to Soundtrack-Movie.com:
"The Descendants is the first mainstream American movie scored exclusively with Hawaiian music, most of it created by acknowledged masters of the genre, both modern and classical Gabby Pahinui, Ray Kane, Keola Beamer, Lena Machado, Sonny Chillingworth, Jeff Peterson, and Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, among others. The filmmakers sought to make a movie with a distinctly Hawaiian flavor, and the music was a crucial component. As well as echoing the experience of watching the film, The Descendants soundtrack will reveal to listeners the soulful and emotional spectrum of Hawaiian music over the decades and serve as an eye-opening introduction to some of Hawaiian music s greatest and most essential artists." The soundtrack will be available on November 11.