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My Name is Salmon. Like the Fish. - the Peter Jackson film version of The Lovely Bones

Despite being based on a best seller, and despite Peter Jackson's directorial credits and Andrew Lesnie's stunning cinematography—he and Jackson go back aways with his credits including King Kong, The Planet of the Apes and of course all the Lord of the Ring films—their rendition of The Lovely Bones didn't break even. The film reportedly cost $65 million and only took in about $45 million worldwide.

It's interesting to note that Ryan Gosling (Ides of March, Drive, Blue Valentine) was set to play the Mark Wahlberg role but that his vision of the role clashed with that of Jackson and so was replaced by Wahlberg. The rumor is Gosling thought Salmon should be heavier and therefore gained weight for the part which would have him looking very much like his character from Larz and the Real Girl. 

Which would also have him looking a little too much like our evil Mr. Harvey played by Stanley Tucci, don't you think. I'm a huge Gosling fan and KNOW he would have turned in his usual stellar performance but I have to go with Jackson on this call in terms of the actor's physical appearance. On a minor note, in terms of physical appearance I was also disappointed in Ray who in the film is supposed to look like a teenager. Instead he looked like the 22 year old the actor Reece Ritchie actually was.