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Just In: Nicole Kidman to Star in Film Based on The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson

Just in from Nikki Finke's Deadline.com; Nicole Kidman's Blossom Films has just acquired the rights to Kevin Wilson's best selling debut novel, The Family Fang. Kidman will star. Have not read the book or heard of it until right this minute so not much more to say on the subject. BUT you can read the New York Times book review here if you are so inclined.

In brief, it's a story of a pair of performance artists who use their two kids basically as props for their 'art'. Naturally, the kids are pretty messed up, the story centers on the grown up kids returning to their parents' for one final piece of performance art. The act of a lifetime.

Nicole Kidman looking
like we want her to look
Have you read the book? If so, what do you think of Nicole Kidman's casting? What part will she play? Just reading the quick summary, it seems like she would be both too young for the mother, and too old for the daughter. Hmmm? Maybe it's back to the botox doc for Ms. Kidman. God, it's tough being an actress, even one like Nicole who has NOT simply relied on her spectacular good looks. As audiences we seem to freeze our favorite actors and actresses at their peek and get annoyed when they get old just like the rest of us.
It's getting to be the same with actors too. "God" a friend of mine and devoted fan of George Clooney said, when she saw him in the Ides of March "George is really looking old". She was positively pissed off! A sentiment Clooney seems to recognize, saying "no one wants to see all that gray on screen."
But I digress!