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Heavy Boots

It's raining today here in my little suburb of L.A. and rainy days always give me heavy boots! Another thing that is giving me heavy boots is the fact that I couldn't avoid seeing the trailer for the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close before I started rereading this amazing book from Jonathan Safran Foer. So now I can't help but see Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks?!) whenever Oskar mentions his dad, and Sandra Bullock as his mom off laughing in the living room. As for the amazing Oskar himself the young actor seems spot on and just melds pretty smoothly with my imagination. I'm going to scout around and see what Foer thinks of the casting. Again I say, Tom Hanks?! He's an amazing actor (obviously, as Oskar would say) so he will probably pull it off but I don't think he's what the author had in mind.