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The Big Year is for the Birds - or the birders!

I've read the first 16 pages of the book The Big Year by Mark Obmascik. That's the free sample available on my Nook. When I finished the sample pages and my Nook prompted me to "Buy Now", frankly I didn't give a hoot! Perhaps if I kept reading I would discover the uproarious hilarity of the story but while the reading was easy and folksy, it certainly didn't compel me to keep turning the pages. I turned my Nook off and thought this was one book I didn't need to read but would save for the big screen. Will people flock to see this film (groan)? The trailer featuring three of our funniest actors - Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black - looks amusing enough but will its subject matter turn off mass audiences, appealing only to birders and die-hard Martin, Wilson and Black fans? At this point - early in the game - the critics are giving it 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, with audiences grading it 69%. Still, Real Steal, which garnered only a 59% Fresh rating and it's the number 1 movie in America so it's hard to say what will send audiences flying!