Monday, February 15, 2016

From BAFTA 2016 to the Oscars. The winners, sealed with a kiss.

After last night’s BAFTAS it’s looking inevitable for The Revenant to take home the Best Picture Oscar win this Sunday. And if you’re a winner/loser type then Brie Larson & Leonardo DiCaprio left London as the big winners, leaving their fellow nominees, the losers, gulping cheap champagne. The final OSCAR ballots are due tomorrow, with the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, February 28th. The BAFTA win can’t help but waft a golden glow. 
After almost thirty years in the biz, from SAG to the Golden Globes to a slew of worldwide critics Leo is finally getting his bright shiny object of affection, moment in the sun. The same goes for Brie Larson. By contrast she’s the new kid in town who suddenly seems to be name on everyone’s lips. Where the hell did she come from? The truth is shes been working in Hollywood for over a decade.

Yes, they’re winners. And Huzzah to that. But the older I get, the less competitive I get. Everybodys a winner, Im likely to slur, deep in my own champagne cups come Academy Awards big night. 

To be honest, thats what I truly believe,  that all these gifted artists who pour their hearts and souls into their work, from the Leos, Eddie Redmaynes and Michael Fassbenders to the production designers and screenwriters; the Brie Larsons, Cate Blanchetts and Saoirse Ronans to the hair and make-up teams and cinematographers, deserve their days in the sun. Im a proponent of a different system, an award show I’d dub the Ten Best of the Year, a celebration of movies and all the people who make them happen.

Then again, the horse race is fun too. 
Here are the major BAFTA winners. Tune in to the OSCARS this Sunday and see how accurate a predictor they turn out to be. Tune into BAFTA today, to see the rest of their complete winners list.

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